Liberia’s literacy rate has been estimated at only 42% (as of 2007) with only 6.9% of the national budget allocated to the education sector. Many schools across the country are not equipped with the infrastructure and learning tools to ensure good learning outcomes for students.

This results also in an uneven distribution of the limited resources across the country, with many communities outside of the capital being under-served. Lack of qualified teachers, poor monitoring all contribute to the poor results in regional exams and learning outcomes.

On this front Kids Educational Engagement Project or KEEP, our partner non-profit has been working in Liberia since 2014, toward creating access to quality education more students across the country, regardless of geographical location. KEEP helps bring this change through provision of libraries, training of teachers and the involvement of the community to the education process.

KEEP has embarked upon establishing mini libraries they call Reading Rooms across the Country and to date, they have established 10. Their goal is to establish 2 in every county within the next 3 years. Each room costs approximately U$5,500 to establish.

KEEP Teacher Trainings

KEEP Resource Center Being Inaugurated

KEEP seeks to promote social justice and development of vulnerable children and youth by strengthening their capacities. They also provide various resources that would facilitate access to primary education by engaging with parents, community leadership, established community structures and other partners.

To be able to put together what it takes create thriving community learning out of the reading room project, the teacher training and around their community modules, KEEP seeks to raise funds and invite more people and people groups to be a part of their journey. Their current goal is to set up 30 reading rooms across the country, with 10 already established.

To tell their story, KEEP is hosting “Lib-in-DC” a cocktail reception in Washington DC on the 13th July, 2019 .This will be a get-together of like minded people who will participate in KEEP Journey, amidst some dancing, fun and frolic.

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