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More than 75% of Uganda’s population is below the age of 30, with the country having one of the highest youth unemployment rates at 13.3%—the number of youth actively looking for a job as a percentage of the labor force—in Sub-Saharan Africa. Out of the 80 %youth below 35 years, 74.5% are unemployed. This happens to be social issue in spite of the 70% of the youth can read and write where also 40% of the youth population has attained a university level.

Uganda is also a highly ranked country which records the highest number of startups but again 60% of them don’t celebrate their first birth dates.The youth bulge and high levels of unemployment call for urgent action and innovative solutions.


Focus Youth Forum (FYF) youth led organization whose main objectives are to foster social-economic development most especially amongst the youth and communities through capacity building (Mindset Change) by offering hands-on training, guidance, mentoring, innovations, business and entrepreneurship as solutions to key challenges affecting the current generation mainly unemployment.

In the midst of promoting entrepreneurship skills for young people, through helping invest in innovative ideas, startups, talents in different sectors of economy FYF engages in the agricultural sector as a core enterprise for development.
FYF also seeks to take up projects with government, private sector and Non-government organizations that is beneficial to the youth, communities, and the rest of the country

The forum has also been able to promote a saving culture amongst the members of the organization and the rest of the community through starting up regular saving groups. FYFs Savings Credit Cooperatives (SACCOs) and self-help groups where mechanisms through which affliates can access cheap and revolving funds that they can capitalize toward the scale up of their business ideas.


FYF has had successes by starting over 120 businesses in sectors of agriculture, trading, fashion, IT & innovation. Over 250 jobs and internships have been created, while 950,000 youth across the country are registered with FYF and its forums.

6000 Ugandan youth are already FYF members and 8 community SACCOs have been started with support of FYF.

The Keikara Rugando SACCO was launched by the Ugandan Minster of Microfinance Hon. Haruna Kasolo Kyeyune. It sent 50 members on national and international leadership training courses and created 10 partnerships with other organization and companies in environment, health, sports, finance and innovations.


VKF mentors FYFs founder Keikara Mugume, as a part of the Young African Leaders Initiative

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