Rainbow Homes


The Rainbow Homes has been established under an initiative called Association
for Rural and Urban Needy (ARUN). ARUN works with marginalized communities in urban and rural areas particularly with Dalits, Safai Karamcharis, children without adult care and the
distressed who are homeless.
Their Pune Home shelters 359 Children in 5 locations.


So far the Rainbow Homes initiatives has helped bring a difference to around 800+ by extending to them a home.


Our friend the Synergy Marine Group, has been involved in supporting a part of their grocery needs of the Pune Rainbow Home, providing blankets and has helped facilitate the setting
up an RO water purifier with dispenser.

This is at one of the homes. In addition to these, the
office helped put up part funding for food (groceries, dry & fresh ration). Yale School of Management alumni and Synergy funded the construction of toilets at Pune home, an essential component of their living habitat. Yale alumni also sponsored training of children and teachers in English language and provided for an additional water dispenser cum cooler.

Website : http://rainbowfoundationindia.in/