We -

  • Mentor a diverse set of clientele from college seniors to senior industry professionals seeking personalized re-tooling advisory based on graduate programs aiding a specialist foray or career acceleration within multiple sectors.

  • Exclusively specialise in 'foxhole-to-boardroom' career transformation advisory for professionals from the Military fraternity.

↓ End-To-End Customized Admission Consulting Solutions

The End-To-End Customized Admission Consulting Solution includes assistance in presenting a winning application for a wide range of Masters Program.

This assistance would include–

  • Selection of the right variety of programs leveraging on experience till date, futuristic career aspiration and standardized test scores (GRE®, GMAT® & Subject GRE®) if applicable.
  • Edits / Structuring your CV or Resume
  • Presenting a ‘marketable’ Linkedin profile
  • Edits to all application Essays, Research Proposal, Statement of Purpose etc.
  • Preparation assistance for interviews over Skype, Telephone or in-Person mode.
  • Putting forward a winning application for Merit based scholarship application
  • Networking opportunity within the globally dispersed Elyon alumni ecosystem.
  • Assistance towards optimal decision making amongst a set of available options.
  • Financing options.

↓ Programs Where Our Forte Extends Includes

  • Specialist Masters in Engineering (any domain), Technology, Sciences, Art & Humanities, Management, and Management Science.
  • MBA (Fulltime, Parttime, Blended).
  • Sloan Masters.
  • MPhil, EngD or PhD.
  • Customised Executive Education.

↓ Industry Sector Where Our Clients Come From Include

  • Banking, Finance & Compliance
  • Defense
  • Government
  • Energy
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare
  • Maritime
  • Metal & Mining
  • Real Estate
  • Advanced Technology

↓ Countries Where Our Clients Go Include

  • North America (USA, Canada)
  • Europe (UK, France, Germany, Netherland, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Switzerland)
  • China
  • East Asia (Japan, Philippines)
  • South East Asia (Singapore)
  • Australia-New Zealand
  • India

↓ Clients We Have Serviced

  • A former explosive expert with the Indian Army, presently optimizing e-Commerce supply chain strategy for Amazon.com
  • A Healthcare Consultant with Deloitte during daytime and an Android free app developer late in the night, with a top1% ile rating.
  • A student researcher with Space Applications Center, ISRO selected to workon next generation High Performance Computing applications as a part of Project HECToR or UK National Super Computing Service.
  • A consummate submariner for over 2 decades with the Indian Navy, charting the next blueprint for Technology Offsets and the 2013 LBS Sloan Alumni Award recipient.
  • A Cisco trained engineer, now a Microeconomics expert while reading for his MPP at the Harris School of Public Policy, University of Chicago
  • An innovation specialist with HCL Enterprise Mobility Lab at Singapore, redefining Augmented Reality framework using disruptive innovation principles for government projects.
  • A chemical engineer by training, passionate aerospace buff from Goa seeking to design next generation Stealth Drones using serrations on Owl Wings as a base concept model.
  • A Metal & Chemical professional forming the strategy blueprint in the Petrochemical domain with India's largest energy conglomerate.
  • A Corporate compliance sharp-eye reporting to the Board, within India's billion dollar technology behemoth, presently merging the finer nuances of Corporate Strategy and Ethics at MIT Sloan
  • A Wireline Engineer with Baker Hughes presently evaluating oil assets in Angola, out to change the dynamics on Energy Consulting post his retooling at the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, Tufts University.
  • A engineering visionary from GE Energy, and a winner of the MIT Center for Design and Technology Fellowship.
  • Die hard product designers from Schneider Electric striving to strengthen Bengaluru's tech prowess over Shanghai.
  • A prolific patent generator with IBM Smart Planet based out of Singapore, rewriting the rules of Technology consulting while engaging a global Japanese Auto major.
  • A Engineering Manager turned Techbridge Fellow with Center for Sustainable Energy Systems, Cambridge, USA.
  • Scores of 'Square-Pegs-On-Round-Hole' typeschanging the world post their HBS 2+2, Stanford MSE, INSEAD MBA, LBSMiM& ISBYLP stints

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