It is confession time!

Our client’s success has been pretty impressive. Now if you don’t believe me, please have a look at

Here’s an insight on how we achieve that success

  1. Win-Win:
    Our guiding philosophy is this: that it has to be a win for both the client and for the institute. Mapping the skill-set, profile of our client to the program which is best suited for him/her is what we are good at. While doing it, we aim for the best program our client can get. The institution benefits since it gets a bright student who fits into the program.

  2. Focus on substance than on style:
    We believe that the content of your application package is the most crucial aspect. Anyone who is good at English can easily work on the style. The differentiator will not be the style but the substance. We spend considerable time with our client trying to build a story. Here's the trick – the component of that story must be in line with the program that he/she is applying to. As a policy we do not do ghost writing. But what do is to be the soul of the writing!
    A good part of building relevance is to do thorough research on the university/institution/program that you are applying to. Talk to current students, connect with faculty members, research them on linkedin – do everything in your power to get right inside.

  3. Experience:
    We have been doing this since 2005 – 2005 to 2009 as a professional in an organization and from 2009 as entrepreneurs. The wealth of knowledge that has we have gained over the years makes the difference. Question is most of the admission consultant players say the same things, so how are we different? Our key differentiator comes from (a) working with diverse profile of clients (b) working on diverse set of programs.

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